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Frequently Asked Questions About My First Visit.


What time should I arrive?

We start worship at 10:00 am. Service is a blended style of traditional and contemporary. Our worship usually lasts about an hour.


Am I going to be conspicuous?

You won't be conspicuous, but you will probably be noticed and greeted. WE WILL CERTAINLY NOT ASK YOU TO STAND, RAISE YOUR HAND OR INTRODUCE YOURSELF! We recognize that there is a fine line between not wanting to be embarrassed and not wanting to feel like nobody cares that you are here. We are happy you've joined us, but we won't make you feel like a sore thumb.


How do I behave in worship?

We have a user-friendly type service with a casual and relaxed approach. On the first Sunday of the month, we have our Communion service. Everyone is welcome to come forward for Communion in our church. We feel every person should be able to share in this very special meal and be actively reminded of how much God loves us.


Will I be expected to give money?

We currently have a collection box to the right of the doors as you enter the sanctuary, but please do not feel obligated to give. As a visitor, we would like your experience with us to be our gift to you. Many people will not be putting anything in the offering box as many give online or monthly, so you won't draw attention if you just pass by.


How should I dress?

Our dress is casual (if that is what you are comfortable in) or more dressy if you like to go to church in your Sunday best. You’ll see everything from jeans and t-shirts to suits and dresses.


Are our children welcome?

Yes, children are welcome! Church Camp is available for children 5 yrs through 10 yrs old once the 10:00 am service starts. There is also a Cry Room at the rear of the sanctuary with big windows and speakers, so you won't miss any of the service.



Can I just call and ask my question in person?

Please do! We truly love hearing from you. Whether it's regarding worship times, special events, or theology, we will try to answer all your questions. Please call the church office at 309-792-1661.