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Dare to Dream

Someday I'm going to __________!  "Someday" is a dream killer. 

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July WorkCamp -

As of today, we have 36 applications for home repair. Now comes the daunting task of visiting each home to get measurements, and to see if it is work that Junior/Senior high youth can do. Mark could use some help with this. We need to have all homes visited by April 23.  There's lots of paper work for each home, but if we go in pairs, it can be done easily.  Mark also needs to visit with the building inspectors for each town/village/county that we are building ramps or porches in for their codes and inspection requirements.  So far we have homes in Atkinson, Colona, Henry County, Rock Island, Silvis, East Moline, Moline, and Preemption.   We could use more homes. We have 327 campers signed up, so far. That means a minimum of 54 homes. Thanks for your prayers for this mission work.

Please continue to pray for the youth and their leaders that are coming to our camp, as well as our youth and their leaders.


Celebration on the Corner

August 20th - 10:30 am to 2:00 pm

Musical guests, car show, games, Food!!!  Come join us in celebrating what the Lord has provided!