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Pastor's Notes

There is a change coming and it can’t be stopped. Not by any one. Never has and never will. Some look forward to anything related to CHANGE and other cringe at the thought of change. Change is inevitable.


All around us are the signs of constant change. In all of nature change is constantly taking place. Venturing no further than the church property I have seen the CHANGE happening. Throughout the summer months there were obvious signs of change in worship patterns. Families taking advantage of no school, took vacations, attended ball games, reunions, or simply being in the great outdoors. Sunday school classrooms once teeming with children were much quieter.


Now with school back in session and vacations and other opportunities coming to a close the normal patterns of life have brought the energy level back up. While autumn means a time of changing leaves and harvested gardens and fields it also means new possibilities. There is the opportunity to experience a change in your heart in service to the Kingdom of God here on earth.


The ministry of the Church requires your participation as we seek to bring others into a loving and living relationship with Jesus Christ. What is God calling you to delve into? Is it joining the choir? Is it volunteering to assist at the Food Pantry? Teach a small Group Study? Volunteer at a Care Facility? There are numerous ways to serve God. The great thing is that all these and more need you to jump in.


For some your willingness to serve is being jaded by Satan’s oldest trick. “Don’t do it because there will be someone who will criticize you for what you do.” Well, I’ve been through that more times than I care to remember. The overriding joy is this - God reminds me of this - “Who are you doing it for - personal recognition or for my glory?” The obvious answer is always - “I am doing it for you, Lord!!”


Well change is always in the air. My wife loves this time of the year. Now that the field across the road is harvested, her first comment is, “Now I can see forever.”


May you and I see the places where God is calling us to go and change our corner on the world.


Grace and Peace,      

Pastor Mark Horn