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Pastor's Notes

Pastor’s Corner


In the last couple of weeks I noticed a crunching sound when I walked on the driveway. Tiny acorns have begun to fall and I can’t keep them swept off the drive. Folks in our neighborhood must think the new couple on the corner are neat freaks or something. The guy is always out there sweeping off his driveway. Maybe it is just me thinking that as I wave when they pass by.  I actually feel a little bit concerned because I am sweeping away potential.

            There is change taking place every day. It is always there, we just have to take notice. For example, it was if someone had just turned off a switch, but have you noticed that the field corn is starting to fire at the bottom of the stalks? Have you noticed there are more leaves beginning to fall? The flowers of summer are starting to slow their growth and their colors are becoming more brilliant? That school has begun and fall festivals are being advertised? That the activities and ministries at church are awakening from their summer slumber? The pace of life is starting to pick up with a push toward dare I say it – Christmas!

            That is one reason to focus on potential. The potential always exists for us to use this time to share the love of Jesus with family and friends. There is no time like the present because that is all we have been promised. Jesus reminds us that the fields are ripe for the harvest. The fields Jesus is talking about are always ripe for the harvest. Even on the coldest, snowiest day of winter there are fields ripe for the harvest.

            I have been sweeping the little acorns off the drive feeling that I am limiting their potential. Truth is that some of them will still live up to their potential. Just not the potential that God had in mind. Some of them will become food for the squirrels and birds. But even then, God had in mind that they should grow up to be mighty oak trees. Thus, living up to their full potential.


The church of Jesus Christ purpose in this life is too share the love of God with friends, family, strangers, co-workers, fellow students, and well just everyone. By doing that we are assisting that person to begin to live up to their full potential. Their God-intended potential.


Now is the time. In a lost and hurting world now is the time. IF you believe things you hear on the internet, the television news, or almost any source of up-to-the-minute information you choose, these are very troubling times. So, if they are so troubling times isn’t it just as important for we as followers of Jesus Christ to share the Good News?

There is change taking place.