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Pastor's Notes

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               Well, by the time some of you read this article the 2018 Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference will have finished its work for the year. Colona will have been recognized as a 5 Star Church and all of you have helped to make that a reality. It may not seem like a big deal to you but as your pastor I know that requires you being willing to go the extra mile to make it so. You give above and beyond what is asked and you do so with generosity in your hearts. You truly care for others, whether that be here or somewhere around the world.

                June also means that we are finishing up our first year here in Colona. Unless something like lightning comes from a clear blue sky, I will begin my second year as pastor of one of the finest congregations anywhere. You are all a blessing to me and Chris as we are appointed to serve as your parsonage family in this season of life.

                You may at times feel as if we are always collecting your resources for so many different ministry needs or community needs. I can express that at times I get those same feelings. That lasts until I reflect upon those whose cry I have been made aware of. I am truly thankful to hear from others so attuned to those cries that as a church we are moved to respond quickly and at times very quietly. We don’t do those things for recognition but for the glory of God who has already provided us, individually and as the collective body of Christ with resources beyond our ability to comprehend.

                So, a 5-Star Church recognition covers it all for me and I pray for you as well. It lets the connection know that the people of the Colona United Methodist Church have for many years taken seriously the call of Jesus to hear the cry of the hungry, hurting, and lost of our community and throughout the world. We hear the cry of those in Colona and those across the world.  Thanks be to God for your generosity.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark Horn