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Pastor's Notes

Way back in the last century, I used to think of February as Silhouette month. In grade school (at least through 4th grade) we would cut out silhouettes of Lincoln and Washington and then they would be taped on the windows and walls around the classrooms. Adding to that, we cut out paper hearts in reds and pinks, of various sizes and they too adorned the classroom. It seemed as if the whole school became transformed from the drabiness (is there such a word??) of winter into a hint of what was to come.

I am reminded that a silhouette is just a two dimensional depiction of an image. Our cutouts of Lincoln and Washington never gave us a true representation of either of these presidents, let alone who they were as men.

My hope for us as the church of Jesus Christ is that others will only view us today as mere silhouettes of the church. That we will not be viewed as living into our full potential or worse, that the church of today is seen as passing away.

Oh, that you and I will live into our fullest potential as disciples of the living Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark Horn