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Pastor's Notes

          What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the everlasting arms… so goes an old hymn of affirmation and hope. For the past several weeks I have had my own faith affirmed through the opportunity of leading our confirmation class of Sarah Barrett, Alen Gowan and Taylor VanHoutte.

          My responsibility has been easy because of the teaching they had been and continue to receive from their parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers and so many others who have taken time to share their own faith stories.

          Their spiritual wellness has served them in our time together. I have probably learned as much from them or more so, than they have learned from me. The future of the Church of Jesus Christ is already being blessed by the three fine individuals.

          Here is my request of all of you. Please plan to attend the Palm Sunday service. Sarah, Alen, and Taylor will be leading both worship services that morning and will be confirmed at the 10:30 service.

          During our fellowship time, there will be a reception in their honor to celebrate their becoming members of Colona United Methodist Church.

          I also want to extend a big word of gratitude to their mentors through the confirmation process. Sharon Bloomberg, Vicki Cooney, Don Heister, none of this would have worked as well without your input. Your support and faith sharing will long linger in their memories.

          Speaking of memories… One day, when someone asks me about my greatest joys in ministry I won’t hesitate to tell who ever that may be about Sarah, Alen, and Taylor. You three have refueled this pastor with joy. I am reminded that the Psalmist says we should be like trees planted next to the stream of living water. Today and forever I rejoice that a portion of my life and ministry has been spent in growing in faith with you.

          As we come near once more not only the cross of our Lord, let us all celebrate this new class of Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Mark Horn