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Pastor's Notes

         Crisp. Brand new yet remarkably familiar. A new year is upon us with all of its promise, full of potential, not lacking optimism. Why should it not be full of potential since it has a full year to accomplish all that God has planned for it?

         In the hymn, Joy to the World, Isaac Watts wrote about the building of hope that I believe can restore our hope for a better day, a better year. Here is what he wrote and we often sing, “No more let sins and sorrows grow, nor thorns infest the ground; he comes to make his blessings flow.”

         With the unfolding of the year 2019 beginning, you and I have an opportunity. The moment in time to recreate – reinvigorate the spirit of grace and truth. We can change the direction of society by laying aside old habits and grasp God’s grace by holding fast to these truths – that we stay in love with God and love our neighbors as ourselves.

         For 2019 let us not choose the way of the world that often leaves a bitter aftertaste not only in our mouths but causes our hearts to ache. When we are hurting we aren’t able to reach our fullest potential. Now is the moment to get off that highway and turn onto the path of God and fully live into our life as a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

         This New Year, the church provides the proper way back to true Joy. A Joy for your life and mine, a Joy to the world.

         The final verse from Watt’s hymn tells us all we really need, that he rules the world with truth and grace… and the wonders of his love. There is the true hope for the world.

         Let it begin with us!

         Happy New Year!!

Grace and Peace,  

Pastor Mark Horn