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Pastor's Notes


Look out! Here comes February. The shortest month of the year comes racing our direction and just as quickly passes us by in favor of spring. But the month holds so much for us that maybe we should make it slow down just a bit.

Upon closer inspection one of the things you notice about February is that the days are getting noticeably longer. You know winter is losing its grip and love is in the air. Everything it seems points to new life. There is even a freshness to the air when you step outdoors.

This year on a commercially revved up day, the Christian calendar calls all believers into a season of forty days commonly known as Lent. It is a season that prepares the believer to celebrate Easter. On St. Valentine’s Day, the church enters Lent with a service called Ash Wednesday. The one visible reminder for the world is seeing Christians with ashes, which are used to make the sign of the Cross on follower’s foreheads. That sign reminds us of our own mortality and that we have chosen to confess our sins before God within the community of faith.

To me, as both believer and pastor, this great mystery offers up a reminder of how great is the love of God for me and for all mankind. That in spite of all my transgressions and sins, God sent His Son to the earth to die on a cross for my sins. MY sins and yours, once and for all time.

For our first Lenten season, I want to invite and encourage all of you into a time of observing a Lenten Discipline. What is a Lenten Discipline? Lenten discipline begins with an invitation for self-examination and repentance. It includes time for prayer, fasting, and self-denial and also reading and meditating on God’s Holy Word. Each of these disciplines are meant to help us draw closer to God.

In addition to the Lenten Discipline, I want to encourage you to join our Lenten Bible Study. The material was written and developed by Rev. Mike Slaughter and is titled Renegade Gospel. Watch for sign-up opportunities coming very soon.

Well, it is almost February and it will be here and gone before we realize it. Here’s to hoping we can take it one day at a time and use it to grow our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Grace and Peace

Pastor Mark



I want to express my gratitude to all of you. You continued to affirm that making disciples for Jesus Christ is of vital importance here on this corner of Colona. Continuing toward the completion of the building addition that began with a dream and many prayers a few years ago takes a congregation willing to hold fast to God’s calling. I am thankful for the many individuals who have taken an active step in moving this project forward. Each of you are prayed for by not just your pastor but by a grateful congregation.


As we move into the building of walls and doors, wiring, and heating and cooling may God raise up workers for the task, givers of resources, and supply us all with encouragement and strength in the process.


Thanks again to all who have raised up their voices, prayed, cast ballots, provided labor, written checks, worked at fund-raising to make this dream become a reality.

                                                            Pastor Mark