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Pastor's Notes

A Moment with You.
“Look, I am making everything new!” (Rev. 21:3) 


I didn’t want to rush the final days of the year, but it was necessary to meet the newsletter deadline. For years now, I have had to write an article to celebrate the New Year days before it ever arrived. A lot can and will change before the old has passed away and the new arrives. 


The year 2020 promises to be wild and uncertain and I am not even including politics or our upcoming denomination’s General Conference. Every year is always filled with wild rides and uncertainty. 


With all that may come before us, here is what I am praying for that I hope will bring some sense of certainty. 


First, I am praying for you! My prayer each day is that God will grant you clarity of thought and action. That he will give you strength in the journey, the right people to guide and direct you. That He will keep you from harm and in good health. I will also pray that your spirit is growing closer to Him that gives life. May peace reign in your heart each day. 


Second, I am praying for our community. That as a community we will continue to grow to love our neighbor as our self. That the people of our community will continue to serve one another and others as God moves among us. That our community will be seen as a welcoming place so the table of fellowship continues to add seats for new folks. 


Third, I pray to lead others to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To plant seeds of faith, to go into the world teaching and baptizing just as Jesus asks us to do. 


And that we will no longer talk down to one another. The rancor of politics and disdain have for too long held favor. Let us pray that we will move to find common ground in all things. 


Our Bible begins with the creation story. In the closing chapters of the last book of the Bible, Jesus tells us: “I am making all things new.” Most books we read have at their end some type of closure. A mystery is solved; they live happily ever after. Our God reminds us that he is making all things new. I pray for that and so much more for you and me. 


Happy New Year, 

Pastor Mark