The perfect high imitation watches

Occupying a large area of ​​the dial is the bizarre display composed of the three letters H-N-R at the 6 o'clock position on the dial. For fans of traditional replica watches, it will be difficult for you to know what these 3 letters represent. For those who have access to many new brands of modern replica watches such as Richard Mille or Audemars Piguet, this should not be difficult for you. The three letters H, N. R represent the current state of the crown. H stands for "heures", which means time in French. In this state, the crown will be used to set the time (adjust the hands). N stands for neutre (neutre), then, all functions have been set correctly and R stands for remontoir (winding up), at this time, the user can send the watch movement.

This complication has never been seen in previous Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon GMT replica watches. In addition to showing technicality, the disc display has also been adjusted to match the overall design of the new watch. You may not be familiar with it at first, but when you understand this creation, you will believe it more.

One thing that retains the same design as the traditional Royal Oak watch is the octagonal ceramic bezel with 8 impressive alignment screws. However, the case of the Royal Oak Concept Watch is completely different from the traditional Royal Oak Watch.

On the 2018 Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillon GMT replica watch, the case is made of titanium, and the manufacturer applies fine sand on its surface for surface treatment. The shape of the case is also like a sphere on the dial. The larger part seems to be visually dramatic and looks like a product that can only be found in inspirational science fiction movies. The 2018 Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillon GMT watch measures 44 mm x 16.1 mm and is water-resistant to 100 meters. However, it seems that the case is very long, and the rubber strap extends beyond the lugs, so if your wrist is medium, please consider carefully.