Replica Rolex

The German replica Watch maker of Port Adriano (Mallorca) has had exposed during the past month of July two unique pieces of Rolex in which the concept of submersible reaches a new dimension, since they are capable of submerging up to 15 kilometers, an impressive number if we have note that the oceanic pit only reaches 11,000 meters.
Apparently, the film director James Cameron can give a good account of it, since last year decided to dive into the pit of the Marianas, the deepest place in the earth's crust. There he tested the performance of one of these models created by the Swiss firm.
There are only four specimens in the world and none of them is for sale, although you can buy replica rolex a model of the same style that is capable of submerging up to 3,900 meters. Yes, it is lighter than the model we mentioned at the beginning, which weighs about 500 grams.