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Richemont has put the finishing touches on the administrative changes that began a year ago. While the latest adjustments in the team may not be as attractive as, for example, eliminating the role of the CEO, they highlight the need for the luxury industry to keep up with the far-reaching changes in the sector.
Some of the reasons for Richemont's latest reorganization are specific to the company. Almost a year ago, the group that has a well-known long-term vision, announced a radical change among senior executives.
On Friday, the group promoted Jerome Lambert to general manager of operations and also appointed Emmanuel Perrin, former senior director of replica Cartier, as head of distribution for its replica watches brands.
Further improvement was required after the surprise departure of the group's prestigious watchmaker, Georges Kern, in July.
LVMH, the largest group of luxury products in the world, and which has been enjoying solid sales growth, also shook its top management this week after announcing a new president and, a new era, for Christian Dior.replica orologi