Replica Watches

A Rolex Oyster Perpetual 1949 replica watches with a cloisonné enamel dial has been auctioned off by the "Christie's" auction house in Geneva, the buyer has paid almost a million euros for the watch that has just been listed as the most expensive Rolex of history.
Marguerite Koch designed this Oyster Perpetual in 18-carat gold with a sweeping central seconds hand, an automatic watch that is decorated with a whale and a ship under a rough sea. In principle the value of the replica Rolex watch was 500 thousand euros.
The auction house Christie's held on November 10, 2013 in Geneva, one of the largest and most fantastic auctions of all time. Composed of a collection of 435 watches, among these was 50 of the emblematic "Rolex Daytonas", meticulously selected, (many of them never seen before in an auction), and with an estimated value ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 300,000 (aporx) € 7,300 to € 220,000). In addition we could see replica watches like:
A Tourbillon by Patek Philippe, which had us used to be of the watchmaking pieces that always reached the highest figures in auction, and that evidently has not disappointed with a sale of almost 1 million euros too.
The total sales of the auction came to exceed 19 million euros, a scandalous figure. And it is that the market of watches of collection grew a 4 percent in the last year, and 32 percent in the last five years. It is a fact that collectors continue to acquire watches despite volatile values ​​and global economic uncertainty.